Is the world living in the most peaceful period in human history really ??

Despite what is happening in the world of conflicts and violations between Israel and Palestine and what is happening in Syria and the impact of the terrorist organization isis madness, murder and the worst humanitarian actions the name of religion and the suffering of humanity and communities of injustice because of these events and conflicts.
But there are not wars between countries or nation and others, and what I mean is there is no longer world wars like the past or wars between colonial to another state, except for what is happening in Palestine of destruction or colonize the country to another, for example Russia occupies Ukraine.

Since 1945, a large part of Africa, Asia and Latin America under colonial rule in 1990 and with the solutions most countries gained independence with the exception of some of the islands but

do you think that colonization really ended to the present day?

Of course not you seen by the multinational companies that control many of the commercial markets in all the world that has the size of the largest proportion of the United States in the first place (44%) and the EU (32%), Japan, Switzerland 5% of each country of them and 14% companies for several other countries combined !!

These giant, which is estimated company budget to them more than the budget of a large state companies on the capitalist system. Since this regime whose ideology is individual property and maintain considerably strengthens the wealth of owners of capital and shrinking public ownership and believes that the government's regulatory role only with the expansion of these companies humbling manner as explained became easy to control and bias on the part of countries and policies to preserve the individual property to individuals, and therefore remain Developing countries are controlled by the royal states of this force, and thus such a system is at least something about colonialism that was in the past, but in another way, which for him was the big wars.

Thus, the biggest reason that you are for him a great wars and economic control of the country is easy to get it in the light of globalization and the proliferation of multinational companies.

If I said why wars?

In case of war between one country and another, or between the forces and the other, the state went all the economic, scientific, human and logistic resources to support this war and victory, causing economic decline and the loss of a very large number of human resource, for example (the number of those killed in World War II from 50 to 85 million people, equivalent to 2.5% of the world's population at the time).

How it happened then? !!

This drawing shows the statistics in the period from 1946 to 2013, after the end of the Second World War

There are four reasons for them credit for this decline: -

1. Democracy: Democratic governments are not fighting each other, and this rarely happens.

2. Globalization: with the spread of globalization has become very easy and less expensive to buy the resources of the global market, rather than to take them by force through war. This means that economic goals that for which wars have become easy to be obtained from other countries or Third World countries without wars.

3. The existence of laws and organizations defending human rights and the laws that criminalize wars, which states that the use of the armed forces must be in the framework of defense the state itself or under the supervision of the UN Security Council and also give voice to the protests and the opposition and technological progress and the presence of an international court for war crimes, despite the fact that this laws are violated and circumvented they do exist and are applied in one way or another.

4. After the outbreak of World War II there has become a unified and consistent limits of the States and recognized by the rest of the countries and accepted and therefore there is no dispute on this point.

The question now is: Do we live in lasting peace like that or is this a temporary peace ??

No one has the answer to this question, but there is a historical rate of wars, a war or wars in the century since World War II did not have enough time after, but after 57 years from now that the great wars did not happen might live in lasting peace beyond!

If we really wanted to live in peace we uphold democracy, peace and human voice so that we can as a scientist one to overcome adversity that occur from time to time, and take care of each country with all other countries, such as dealing with the Syrians, the refugee problem, which turned them back on some countries and evaded humanitarian and political responsibility to them, and they were welcomed by other countries and their people with their mood.