why we don't do what we want ?

Earning money depends on being good at something more than what your cv says .
*For example : i am a civil engineer and i make videos and a logo maker and i edit on the  design of websites.
So don'T lose faith in what you love .

At first : about websites after 6 years of working i understood that

  1. I should start with only one website
  2. Determine that does it worth or not after two years of working
  3. Post at least 3 articles a week
  4. Sharing is more important than the article it self for example :if you have 1000 back links at least one or two will come a day so share your article every where
  5. Get it as a secondary job work two hours on your website a day you are not google
  6. Don't be on a rush
Secondly as a civil engineering student

  1. Your are not einstein don't say "what if i solve the problem my own way"
  2. When you get b or c or d you should be extremely happy as you just a year
  3. Structure and concrete you most of the time will not finish the exam or you will have a calculation error so please write the equations to get at least 20 % of this example
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