real madrid board decideS to sell isco

Things started getting a little reflected more on the players threatened to leave Real Madrid because of the disappointing results are less positive in the current season, the defeat in front of Atletico Madrid made the leaders of the Royal Club are plotting a revolution, as confirmed by the Spanish mass media, best friend of the white team.

Revealed channel "la seksta" Spanish to Real Madrid, the decision was taken to abandon the services of isco, the leaders of the club feel disappointed from the level of the Son of Malaga in the current season, which made them take this decision.

isco received whistles booing fans the stadium Santiago Bernabeu, when it was replaced in the match in front of Atletico Madrid, which is a clear reference to the wrath of the masses on the player which is very popular with the masses.

On the other hand, the signal channel of the Spanish it is the intention of Florentino Perez and its Board of Directors is to be Marco assensio player of the Espanyol substitute to isco , the former player of the Mallorca's moved to Real Madrid in January 2015 remained seconded to his club Mallorca until June of the same year, during the last summer decided to Benitez and the leaders of the club that the wing guy need to play constantly to move to Espanyol on loan for one season.

What is the wrath of the Royal Club is the behavior of the player inside the floor of the field, where isco, shows no combat, he is the one who enjoys the superhero, but since his arrival to the champion of Europe 10 times, in the summer of 2013 didn't prove himself in the starting lineup.