Lewandowski's agent showing annoyance of interest of Bayern Munich to higuain

Mike Barthel expressed , agent of Robert Lewandowski, striker first team football club Bayern Munich, disturbed by Karl-Heinz Romenaijih remarks, Chief Executive Officer of the Bavarian club, which w showed annexation of Gonzalo Higuain, Napoli striker.
Barthel said in remarks to the newspaper "Bild" German: "It has a beautiful bride should not be seen to other brides."
He admitted Romnaijih, its interest in Serie A scorers Real Madrid and former striker, saying: "Higuain great striker and liked the idea of ​​joining Bayern but my friend de Aurients, president of napoli will not sell it."
Argentine international and top scorer in the league with 18 goals in italy, and a difference of 7 goals for his closest rival, Eder, Sampdoria striker.
Lewandowski has been linked to move to Real Madrid in recent months, but that the death of the International Federation of Football "FIFA", depriving the Spanish giant from contracts for two terms could hamper the deal.