neymar vs messi vs ronaldo

Messi or neymar or ronaldo barecelona had a great season and i am expecting them to win more this year messi had a great season scoring and winning titles neymar scoring goals and giving assists to messi suarez scores when it is hard to make goals so that are the beast this year that is what pitches want to hear so let's talk seriously. 

Ronaldo like every year getting more tanned scoring alot of goals about twenty of them is from penalties. And getting in the tackles like pussy.

Neymar now he is the best player to see him playing i really think that he must be the mvp .and when messi was injured he was just awesome. 

Messi for me he's good but neymar is uncompitable he still  good but neymar this year made me feel that is what messi is doing is just a baby will daibers.

Who is the best goal keeper?
It's course buffon. Without talking.
And the best striker is suarez. 

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