a.s.Roma manager demanded his players to accomplish mission impossible

the coach of a.s.Roma Luciano spalletti motivated  his players on "mission impossible" and win on santhiago bernabeu stadium aver Real Madrid by  more than two goals in the Champions League on Tuesday.

spalletti said during the press conference for the match on Monday: "we can't give them space, they can't keep the pitch open, we have to do a lot of physical effort and not make mistakes, ask the players to do the impossible."

He added: "first we have to think about the first goal, it will have a significant psychological impact on players and will help us a lot."

He noted: "we have to get into trenches in pitch, and maybe after winning the first leg makes him play relaxed and may be a factor for us priority and we should seize it."

Real Madrid won the Roma Stadium 2-0 in the first leg.